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                " W-What in the hell?! N-No…you're not Numi! B-because you're a duck…and by hell Numi is not a duck! H-He can't be…" Raya sputtered out in disbelief, shaking her head to herself. Her eyes drifted around the duck, searching for proof that this was all just a big mistake and she was just seeing things. Except…one thing caught her eye. That amulet that had been on Numi's neck was somewhat engraved on the duck. The same exact amulet was lingering on it, making Raya's head even get more confused.

                "…N…Numi?...H-How…" She whispered, scooping the small duck in her hands, "…You're a…duck? Only a baby one in fact…this…can't be happening."

                The duck ruffled it's feathers, staring into Raya's eyes with sorrow in them, " It's true." The duck spoke, the tone of Numi's voice in its sound.

                Raya's eyes widened by the second, causing her to drop the duck to the ground and scoot back against the wall, "…N-NUMI! It's really you!...W-what the hell?! You're a duck…You're a duck!...DAMMIT YOU'RE A FREAKING DUCK AND YOU CAN TALK!!! Why didn't you tell me in the first place?! O-oh dear…R-Raya…you might be going crazy.."

                Numi shook his duck head no, waddling his way over to Raya, "Nope. This is all reality. Every single bit of it." The duck bowed its head a bit, ashamed at what he had become, "…I wish it wasn't a reality, though. I'm sorry, Raya…guess you wouldn't want to be friends with a freak…eh?"

               Her eyes softened as she scooped Numi into her hands again, shaking her head in return, "…Of course I would, Numi. Were friends, remember?" She spoke softly, a gentle smile plastered on her lips, "..I made you a promise, didn't I? I intend to keep that promise even if you do turn into a duck." She said, laughing softly.

                The duck stared up at Raya, tears forming in its eyes. The tears did not contain sorrow; however, it contained tears of happiness. Numi had a friend that would be there for him…and that was all he needed.

                She laughed again, shaking her head a bit, "Man, I've never seen a duck cry before." She set Numi down on a pillow on the ground, looking down on him, "So tell me, how exactly did you get to be this way, eh, Numi?"

                The duck sighed deeply to itself, ruffling its feathers, "Well…it all started when I was about…the age of 6 or so. My mother had caught Doren Syndrome, which is a very rare incurable disease. I didn't know what to do, because I still thought Mother could be cured and so I thought we needed to get a doctor to help her. Doctors meant a bunch of money for her, which we didn't have at all. I pleaded my Dad everyday, asking him to help mother." His eyes started to soften, "…Then one day, he got sick of it and left us. When he left that night, I cried and begged him to not leave because without him, I would be alone. I hated to be alone more than anything. Before he got into his car, he handed me this…amulet. He left me in tears, leaving the amulet as his only memory to me. I loved the amulet, thinking that it was something special. I wished on it every night, wishing for my Mom to get better and for everything to go back to how it was before. However…on the last week of the month, there was a full moon in the sky, and my Mother had stopped breathing. She died on the last week of the month on a full moon's day. That night as I lay by her bed, crying silently to myself, I felt weird inside. My insides suddenly jolted here and there, a strange green light emitting throughout the room. Before I knew it…I was a duck. I was this horrible thing I am now…and just…just…" Numi stuttered, trembling to himself, "…I need to find my Father so that he can take the curse off me…if he's dead…I don't know what I'll do…"

                Raya stared sympathetically at Numi, wondering to herself about how could a person so good have such a horrible life. She smiled a determined smile, putting one finger on the duck's head, "…Don't worry, Numi. We'll find him. We're doing this together, remember? I'll help you every day to find your mother…because that's what friends do! They stick together to the very end."

                She scooped him up her hand once again, bringing him over to the bed. "Heh, it's not as bad as sleeping with a duck, eh?" She smiled to herself, getting herself under the blankets and setting her head on the pillow. Raya set Numi down right next to her, pulling a thin blanket sheet over him, "Good night, Numi. Stay strong."

                "..Thank you…so much, Raya." The duck said, closing its eyes and drifting straight into sleep.

                The sun peeked itself over the town, sending rays of golden sunshine through the windows of the inn. Everything in town had looked more wonderful in the morning, all the people were outside in the marketplace, all the children were playing and sending sounds of laughter in the air, and Raya was just about to get up.

                Raya stretched to herself, smiling, " Aah, a whole new day! It feels great!" She turned herself around to face Numi and greet him, " Rise and sh- NUMI!!!! GAH!!" She cried out, covering her bright red face with a pillow, " Why the hell are you naked?! Gah! You're not a duck anymore! You're a freaking naked person!!" She yelled out at the naked sleeping Numi whose bottom half was covered with two sheets of blankets.

                "H-huh…?" Numi sleepily responded, opening his eyes slowly, " What's the- AH!" He cried out, grabbing the covers over himself. His face was beet red and his heart was pounding rapidly, "Oh God! I'm sorry! I didn't…I...I…completely forgot that when I change back in the morning…m-my clothes don't go automatically back to my body." He sputtered out, sweatdropping from embarrassment to himself.

                Raya got up, still having the pillow over her face, and stumbled off the bed to search for his clothes on the floor, " W-well, Numi…t-that was a huge detail to leave out, now wasn't it?" When she finally found them, she grabbed them off the ground and threw them over to him, covering her eyes.

                Numi caught them in the air, quickly putting them on. Sighing to himself, he got out of bed and put a hand sheepishly behind his head, " S-sorry, Raya, didn't mean to forget that."

                She opened her eyes, laughing a bit to herself, "N-No it's fine…"

                They grabbed their packs off the floor and headed out of their room and down two flights of stairs and into the lobby. Before leaving, they dropped the key off to the cranky clerk and headed off on their way out of the beautiful town.

                "Aah, so were traveling a long way today, eh? So our journey begins right now…" Raya spoke, her eyes wondering around the great landscape that lay before her.

                Numi nodded to himself, "Mhm…this is where it all begins."

                And so, they made their way into their first obstacle, through the forest. Mysterious rumors were heard about this forest, things about mystical creatures that had been deadly and well hidden. In other words, this forest wasn't very safe according to some people.

                As they walked through the forests, their feet trampled over leaves and twigs, filling the air of silence around them with the sound of snapping twigs and flattened leaves. They traveled on more for an hour or so through the forest, seeming to not go anywhere further.

                Raya sighed irritably to herself, looking around, "Numi…I've seen this stupid tree before, about 6 times already. We've been going around in circles this whole time."

                Numi frowned, shaking his head, "How is that possible? We've been going straight the whole time."

                She shook her head, "Well…unless there are six trees that have the same exact big old shoe next to them, I doubt we've not been going in circ-" Her voice trailed off as her eye caught something nearby. It was an old cave, but light was emitted throughout it, lighting a bit of the dark forest. She blinked to herself, "I…didn't see that before…maybe if we go through there, it can lead us out of this stupid forest."

                Numi looked cautiously at it, sighing to himself, " seems to be our best option. Let's go."

                They both approached the abandoned cave, cautiously making their way inside of it. Excess water dripped onto the ground, the sound of it echoing into their ears. As they made their way deeper into the cave, the light that once shone went pitch black.

                Numi looked around vigorously, "Damn…what's happening?"

                Raya shook her head worriedly, "I…I don- " Her voice was soon dominated over a huge breathing growl. The growl was low and fierce, but it's owner was not visible.

                "RAYA!! T-There's…" Numi sputtered out, the light in the cave suddenly lighting up again, reaveling a demonic lion like thing that had green horns and large fangs with blood dripping off of them. "…A…A…Demon!!" He yelled out, pushing Raya out of the way of the demon's strike.

                "Dammit!" She yelled out, forming her hands in a certain way, "INFERNO!!!" She yelled out, a orb of fire relinquishing out of her hands and toward the demon.

                The demon growled out loud, absorbing the magic into itself, only making itself even stronger.

                "God! Magic only powers up this damn thing! Numi, you have to use your dagger!" Raya cried out, backing up against the wall.

                Numi ripped out his dagger from his pouch, nodding, "Mhm! I'll take take of him!" He said with confidence to Raya, charging at the Demon with the blade close behind him. Stab, slash, strike.  Numi striked as hard as he could at the demon, trying with all his might to not get bitten or clawed.

                He took one big stab, finally getting it into the demon's flesh. The demon cried out in pain, picking its hand up and slashing at Numi with all its might. He had successfully hit Numi, scratching a big gash across his chest. He fell back in pain, the dagger falling out of his hand and onto the ground. Grabbing his bloody chest, he looked up at the furious demon with fear in his eyes.

                'O-Oh no…there's nowhere to run anymore…'

                The demon once again lifted up its paw to strike, its claws out and ready to kill. Swing.  It struck at Numi, the strike making a sound of swiftness in the air. But before it could reach Numi again, its body hit the ground first, a long sword sticking up on its side. The wound on the demon caused a rivulet of blood of flow onto the ground.

                Numi looked up to see who had saved him. His eyes widened from disbelief, "I-It can't be…R-Ryou?.."