"My Mind Flows"
As the fan blows, I run away.
I cant take much more of the pain.
As your mind flows, I want to stay.
No more storms and not much rain.

You only cared about yourself,
I don't ever mind control.
You only thought about yourself,
But where you took this, is way too far.

What ever hurt you, it killed me.
I cared for you, but you just took from,
Took and never gave, to me.
I'm so sorry.

I'm so depressed you can't imagine,
I helped you through the dawns and wind.
And when I needed your help,
All you shed were useless yawns.
You're sorry.

My mind flow cuts you off,
Blow me off, take the shortcut.
The rivers and streams,
The yells and cops,
A blitzkrieg bop,
My mind flows.