"Adriana's Edge"
The burning leaves and melting sand,
Remind me of your mellow face.
The professional perspectives on man,
And your philosophy of this place.

It is quite confusing when you run into,
A problem you can't solve with a gun.
Where do you stay without an automatic solution?
The empty clip, widowed world of today?

Stray away from my love this time,
I have never loved anyone like you.
Politics, agnostics, Shao-Lin,
To abuse is to love with an edge of a shotgun.

Run to the eternity that is Adriana's edge,
She will show you the way.
The feeling of oneness is summed up,
Into the four elements of life.

Lets take you into a better place,
The vast terrain and those soothing words.
I can explain the irony of your actions,
When I begin to mock a killing bird.

Where do you turn when you're all gone?
The words I'd say, simply all wrong.
Not too good, when the feeling's being pledged,
Welcome to Adriana's edge.