Ridiculous, ridicule me, no found glories,
What did you want to say to me?
Redemption, redeem me, on my knees,
What did you want to give to me?

Underground I found you, laid out,
On the four corners of my doubt.
You were always a great dealer,
Windmill, fictitious dreams about a healer.

Saliva, salivate on me, your taste incredible.
Incredulous was the waste, always infallible.
Iniquity, unique visionary, it's very scary.
Incredulous was the haste, always infallible.

Underground I found you wasting,
Outside and on the corner of Hastings.
You were always a show stopper,
Bitter sweet was your buttermilk action.

Fatal, fatalistic, written with lip stick.
What did you write on the walls for me?
Prenatal, psychiatry, visionary ballistics,
What did you say that day to me?