A look in my eye that no one can see,
A smear on my face that says let me be.
Alone, inside are crying trees on plantations,
Looking for love but seems to only be loathing.

Soul torn up and spread apart,
Thinking why art is the way to the heart.
Lost inside of color blind thoughts,
Consumed by the idea of why true love could be bought.

I feel like I'm inside a classic dimension,
Always dealing with theories and tension.
When will I be accepted by them?
Always self righteous and hating my gift.

I am sacred, eternally internal,
Why won't anyone help me at all?
Someone to care for me and make me their own,
To accept me and use a new righteous tone.

To want me and feel like they need me to be,
Just help me set my mind and soul and heart free.
I am scared that no one will want what I do,
To share my feelings and know I love that girl too.