"Medium Is The Message"
The medium is the message,
MacLuhan was referring to television.
It holds true in whatever you perceive,
For your own purposes and philosophy.

This day is unlike any other,
You should recognize the advantage.
All the unnecessary emotions,
The rhythm of life is in the meaning of motion.

The teenager in you wants everything now,
The urge can be partially satisfied.
The adult in you wants redemption now,
The urge can be forever defied.

The medium is the message girl,
The age of apocalypse is here.
Unreleased urges and perpetual whirlwinds,
The rest is the best, so meet the young.

When we sit in the unlit room,
We think to ourselves, and reflect.
Reflections of the mirror bring confusion,
But reflections of you cause no delusions.

This month is like all the others,
I never wanted to take advantage.
I was never advantageous of your being, from a far,
My rhythm in life is the meaning of...