I get B's and C's
For studying all day
Yet you slack off
And get straight A's
You're so popular
You are so loved
While I've got
None of the above
You're also so smart
And you seem so friendly
And worst of all, it's true
That I envy
You're not a snob
You're actually quite kind
Then why does it feel
Like you've left me behind
To you, everything comes easy
But no not me
I have to work 'till I drop
So I'm jealous, who wouldn't be?
I can't complain
You're not to be blamed
Just because you're a success
With all the glory and fame
I hate you
Because of your talent
I know it's not right
That I relent
How you manage
I have not a clue
I'm jealous, I'm envious
But all I truly wanted to do.
Was to be you