Davin let himself be led over to the table. Ayan released his hand then, so that he could pull the chair out for Davin.

Davin clenched his jaw. There was just something about that that bothered him so much, but he was learning that he had to pick his battles carefully. So what if Ayan insisted on doing that? It didn't hurt Davin any. He could just play along for now. So he stood up as straight as he could, and prepared himself to accept Ayan's actions with as much dignity as he could.

Ayan smiled at him once the chair was out, but he didn't step back to let Davin sit. He moved forward, surprising Davin, and took him by the arm again. He lead Davin to the chair, and pushed him gently down into it, like a puppet that had to be led about.

A pet.

Davin sunk down into the chair numbly when Ayan gently nudged him.

One of Ayan's hands ran through Davin's hair before the man moved away. Food was placed in front of Davin, and Ayan seated himself next to Davin to watch him eat.

Davin raised his eyes slowly from the table to stare at Ayan. The man was absolutely crazy. Had to be. And Davin was stuck here with him. And was possibly as crazy as Ayan was. Bleeding walls were, after all, not exactly a normal thing to be seeing.

"What are you?' Davin asked quietly. There was no time like the present to find out. And the silence of the two of them sitting in that room seemed to invite such serious questions. Davin had put off thinking about it all of last night, and all of that day as they had played pool. He hadn't wanted to think about it, but it was beginning to look more and more like he didn't have a choice. He was stuck here, and he had to find some way to fit all of this into the nice rules of reality that everything should fit into. Maybe Ayan could actually help him there. Maybe, despite how insane the man seemed at time, maybe he could give Davin some kind of clean logic that would hush all of the questions running around in Davin's head that refused to settle down.

Ayan's smile visibly grew, growing larger and larger until the man was laughing loudly.

Davin didn't flinch. He didn't know why he didn't, but he didn't. Maybe he was just beyond that finally. Besides, with Ayan laughing like this, so completely that the man had his head tilted backwards, the other man could watch him. For once, Ayan wasn't staring at Davin, and Davin was actually allowed to stare at Ayan unobserved.

Whatever answer Ayan was going to give him, Davin knew he wasn't going to like it. Ayan's laughter made that clear. It was almost a harsh kind of laughter, not comforting or warm. It sounded genuine, but it was the kind of laughter that was directed at a person, not with them.

Davin was silent, wide-eyed and waiting for the inevitable.

When Ayan finally stopped, he was smirking. "I am myself, of course," he said.

Davin frowned. "That's not an answer," he replied, feeling a bit of his anger and frustration working its way back up. Ayan was playing with him again.

Ayan chuckled. "But my angel, it's the only truly accurate answer possible. I am myself."

Davin wanted to scream at him. He wanted to pound his fists on the table, thro his plate across the room, do something. He wanted out of this room. He'd never been claustrophobic before, but there were no windows. No windows, and no doors marked exit that would lead him out and into safety, or show him the sky.

"That doesn't tell me a god d-" Davin's voice choked off as he strangled down what he was going to say. He took a deep breath, his eyes fixed on Ayan.

But Ayan's expression didn't change. He didn't give any sign that he was angry at Davin, but he also gave no indication of even having noticed Davin's highly unusual behavior.

Davin didn't know what to make of that, or of his own actions. He didn't think he could have taken any kind of smug reaction on Ayan's part to how cowed Davin was behaving. But there was something equally unsettling about Ayan's obvious lack of reaction. Like Davin's behavior really wasn't that surprising. Like Ayan had assumed that Davin would remember what he had been told, and wouldn't have to be corrected twice.

"That doesn't tell me a single thing," Davin finally managed to growl out. He had to hang on to his anger right now, and not let Ayan intimidate him. He had to force Ayan to tell him something, if for no other reason than because he had to fight for something.

"But I don't believe that there is anything more I could tell you," Ayan replied.

Davin narrowed his eyes. He was not going to be brushed off that easily. He squared his shoulders and tried to look as intimidating as he could. He'd just have to focus his questions until Ayan told him something that actually had a meaning to it. the first thing he could think of was the one that frightened him the most. "Are you even really just a normal human being?" he demanded.

Ayan laughed again. "What a silly question!"

"No, it's not!" Davin yelled back. His hands were balled up into fists and his throat was tight and his eyes and face burning. "It's a very important question! After what happened in that church! And the hospital! That fake hospital, or whatever it was! There is something very wrong about all of it!" Davin was screaming, but he didn't care. He wasn't crazy. He just couldn't be. There was something going on here, and Ayan was the cause of it all, and he wasn't going to let Ayan tell him he was crazy.

"Little one!" Ayan exclaimed, interrupting him. "It's distressing to see you this alarmed over such little things."

"Little things," Davin echoed.


Unbelievable. Simple unbelievable. "This is my sanity we're talking about! And kidnapping!"

"Angel," Ayan said, trying to placate him.

"You bit me!"

"We discussed this."

"And that's supposed to make me feel comfortable with all this?" Davin exclaimed. He sucked in one deep breath, then another as everything started to tilt on him. His chest hurt for some reason, and his head was throbbing painfully in time with his heart.

Ayan didn't respond. And he didn't appear by Davin's side suddenly this time either. Davin didn't blink, and open his eyes to find all of his personal space gone as he had often done through out the day.

Ayan came to him slowly this time. Pushing his chair back slowly, he carefully closed the distance between him and Davin. He stopped besides Davin's chair, one leg brushing up against Davin's knee, his hip leaning against the table as he leaned down over Davin.

Davin stared up at him, scared, panicking and desperate to know what was going on and just what it was Ayan was planning on doing next. But he couldn't say anything, anymore. He couldn't yell or accuse. His body was too focused on gasping in air so that the room would stop moving, his lungs stop burning, his head stop aching.

Ayan clasped a hand over one of Davin's fists, and squeezed it once. He let go then, and both hands reached up to cup Davin's face. Fingers splayed on both sides, and Ayan's eyes in front of his.

"Calm down," Ayan said. His voice was soothing, even, but commanding. "You're hyperventilating, lovely. You're going to hurt yourself if you keep this up. Everything will be fine, you'll see. I promise you. You just have to trust me. You just have to stop this nonsense. I will take care of you. You just have to trust me. Please, my little angel, don't do this to yourself."

Davin squeezed his eyes shut. He could feel his body shaking. It wasn't going to be fine. It wasn't. But he had to stop this. Ayan was right, in a way.

Davin reached up with both hands and grasped Ayan's wrists, intending to move the other man's hands away. But he didn't. He held on as he tried to calm himself and as he tried to get his breathing under control.

Ayan kept talking to him. His voice went on and on, steady and unchanging.

It shouldn't have been as comforting as it was.

Slowly, Davin got himself under control. For a moment he almost relapsed when he thought of how embarrassing this all was. Here he was, freaking out like a child, almost crying from the pure frustration of everything and then getting comforted by his own kidnapper. Disgusting. But he forced himself not to think about it. Not now. There was nothing he could change right now.

He finally tried tugging Ayan's hands away from his face, but they wouldn't move. He let his own hands fall away uselessly. "Why?" he whispered, his voice harsh. "Why me? Why this?"

Ayan leaned in towards him, bringing his face closer to Davin's. He smiled. "Because I wanted you here. My precious little angel. Now that you're here, we have time for everything. You'll see. Everything will happen just as it should. I'll see to it."

Davin shuddered. His shoulders hitched slightly, but he kept himself as still as he could. "You never answered my question," he said. He needed the distraction. Ayan's tone of voice just then was enough to send him back into freaking out.

"What question?" Ayan asked calmly. It wasn't mocking, and Davin was almost proud of himself for being able to notice that it wasn't when everything Ayan said seemed to be enough to set him off. Ayan wasn't playing with him. He wanted to know which question Davin meant.

"Are you human?" Davin asked as normally as he could. He knew what he wanted to hear, what he needed to hear, and felt like an idiot for even having to ask.

"Yes," Ayan assured him. "I am." He leaned down then, reaching out so that his face was above the top of Davin's head, and pressing his lips softly against the top of Davin's head. Davin allowed it, and the hand that snuck behind to cup his head. It was gentle, and relatively nothing compared to the rest of the day. Insignificant compared to what Ayan had just said. The comfort Ayan had just given Davin that he wasn't really crazy, that Ayan was human and that meant there had to be some kind of explanation for everything. Ayan had said what Davin needed to hear. What did it matter if Davin knew it was a lie?

"Good night, my little one." Ayan whispered, pulling back slightly. He was still too close for Davin's comfort, and his eyes were so focused on Davin's own that he couldn't glance away. Not even when Ayan leaned in slowly and kissed him gently again, but this time not on the top of his head, but lightly on his lips. It was delicate, just barely contact, and cold. "Good night." Ayan whispered again before he stood up.

With one last smile he walked out of the room that Davin would be staying in from then on, leaving Davin deathly still and just as alone.