Chapter 1- Confrontations

The wind blew, white, thin sheets of paper over the freshly cut grass. Dew seeped into the white paper and little black marks spread on it like a disease. A frustrated yell emitted from a voice nearby. The yell drifted to a silent moan when the person picked it up. But, it couldn't be salvaged.

"Great, now what the hell am I suppose to do?" Jade Harris said from frustration. She dropped to her knees and pulled out a sandwich bag from her book bag. "Hopefully I can still read this when I get home." She put the, now wet, paper into the bag and stood up with it in her hand. She crossed her arms, shivering at the unwanted breeze.

Looking around her peers began to flee campus, going back to their dorms or out to a party. Jade could see silhouettes in the dark night of a couple holding hands and she looked away. She scanned the area and tapped her foot on the grass.

Pulling back, the long, sleeve of her shirt she looked at her watch. "That bastard is late again. How many times is he going to do this to me? That prick!" she said through her teeth.

"Wooohoooo, baby, if your looking for someone to prick you, look no further," a deep voice said from behind her. Jade turned around, noticing five guys, standing on the wall. They were probably some drunk up frat boys. She rolled her eyes and walked to the nearest street light on the sidewalk. She looked up when the light flickered on and off. There was a big moth, that was flying around the light and it seemed to be enchanted with the light. Jade looked at the sandwich bag containing the, now wet, paper.

"This must be my unlucky day," Jade sighed out and looked down the road. No one was coming from either directions and she looked at her watch again.

"I think this is your lucky day sweetheart," a deep, but familiar voice said. She turned around noticing the same, five, guys from before walking her way. The lead guy was in front and had a sly smirk on his face. Jade focused her attention back in front of her and tried to ignore them. "Oh don't play hard to get! Any girl would be lucky to have five guys all to themselves."

"Oh I like them like that," a tall guy said. Jade looked down the road again and began to walk, down the sidewalk, to the next street light. She looked over her shoulder slightly noticing the five guys were still following her. She took her, bag less hand, and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Wait up!" the leader yelled to her. She could hear soft footsteps behind her, but she dared not look back. She knew she shouldn't, but she quickened her pace just a bit. "HEY!" the leader said jumping in front of her. Startled, slightly, Jade stumbled backwards, bumping into the tall guy of the five. She took a step off the sidewalk trying to go across the road.

"Where do you think your going?" a thin and burly guy said. They stood in front of her and she turned around, only to be stopped by a guy wearing glasses. Jade knew she was surrounded like a wild animal and looked around for anyone else there was no one. The whole area was completely abandoned. She turned to face the leader, who was giving her a silly grin.

He walked toward her and touched her cheek softly. Jade jerked her head away, but he caught her chin in his hands. "What's the matter baby? I don't know about it, but I think you can handle all of us!" he said. The other four guys laughed and the leader seemed to be proud of himself.

"I'm not going to be handling either one of you idiots," Jade said. The leader tipped her head up and looked into her green eyes.

He huffed when she stepped back from him and tried to side step him. He moved in her way and heard her sigh.

"Will you excuse me?" Jade said through her teeth. She moved to his side again, but again he moved in her way. "If you don't get out of my way I'm going make you wish you had."

The leader backed up and laughed, "Ooo I'm so scared. Did you hear her guys?" The other guys laughed and Jade walked again to the side. The leader walked in her path and snickered.

"I warned you," Jade said angrily and snarled at him. She lifted her head up and quickly stepped to him. She grabbed both his shoulders and with a grunt kneed him.

The leader fell to the ground, "You fucking bitch! Grab her!" Before Jade could move, the tall guy grabbed her by her arms and held her to his chest.

"Get off of me!" Jade yelled struggling to get out of the guy's grasp. The leader looked up at her from the ground. Slowly, he rose up and groaned, but got his bearings.

"You're nothing but a bitch," the leader said.

"I think she needs to learn a lesson," the thin one said.

The leader shook his head at them and walked toward her. "I think so too! Tell me, usually when a bitch messes up what happens?"

"You make her pay!" the burly one replied. Jade closed her eyes when the leader swung his hand at her. How did she ever get herself in this predicament? Suddenly, the grip on her arms went slack and she opened her eyes. The leader's eyes were of pure shock and she turned around slowly, to be faced with a, dirty blond, curly haired guy. He had the tall guy in a choke hold.

"WATCH OUT!" he yelled at her when he looked up.

Jade turned around noticing the leader walking to her. She gasped and quickly pulled her book bag off her back. With all her might she swung at him. He fell on the cement sidewalk and Jade pulled her book bag back on her shoulders. She turned around only to notice the thin guy throwing a punch her way. She quickly ducked down and stood back up to kick him in the back, making him fall into the guy with glasses.

"Come on," the, dirty blonde, curly haired guy said. Jade grabbed his hand and kept up with him on foot. She turned around only to see the guys getting up.

"We have to hurry those jerks are getting up!" Jade yelled. Her breathing patterns came in short breaths. The guy stopped at a red and black motorcycle and threw his leg over the sides.

"Put this on," he said, handing her a black helmet. Jade put the helmet on and got on the motorcycle and held onto him. He turned the engine on and revved it two times.

"Hey you punks!" the leader of the five guys said. The guys were running toward them at full speed.

"Let's get the hell out of here," Jade yelled at him. The guy pressed the accelerator and sped off. Jade's grip tightened around him and she turned around. The five guys were yelling obscenities and throwing rocks at them, but they got smaller and smaller. Jade sighed and squeezed her hand, which held her sandwich bag, to make sure it was still there. She could feel the smoothness of plastic and felt relieved. At least, today wasn't such a total disaster!

Jade held on for her life as the guy swirled between rushing cars and around sharp curves. Finally, the motorcycle came to a stop, in front of, two floor, townhouse, and she pulled the helmet off her head. Jade jumped off from the back and stretched.

"Thank you!" Jade said. She turned around and watched the guy get off the bike.

"No you did pretty well for yourself!" he admitted to her. Jade smiled, remembering something quickly, it was replaced by a disappointed frown.

"By the way," she said sultry walking towards him. He looked her way and pulled off his helmet. "You were late," she snapped, sending him a death stare.

Smiling, the guy turned around to chain up his motorcycle. "I'm sorry I was busy doing things."

"Doing what Zach? Sitting at your desk trying to write a decent story?" Jade said, slightly rolling her eyes.

"Hey! I've just been . writer's block," Zach said. He stood up and dusted his knees of rocks and dirt. Looking the least bit amused Jade turned around and pointed.

"Whatever, can you please just open the damn door?" Zach shook his head and walked up the steps. Once he opened the door, Jade pushed past him and flicked on the lights. Zach closed the door and watched her throw her things on the couch.

"Where are your keys? Hey I am talking to you," he said when she sat down at the kitchen table.

Jade threw the sandwich bag on the table and fumbled to get it opened. "My keys are in my book bag. Would you mind getting my notepad out of it for don't forget a pen," she commanded Zach. He sighed and opened her bag and got out a small black notepad, which had a pen hanging on the spirals.

"Here you go," he said throwing it to her. He opened the fridge grabbing a beer and sat across from her. "Is that another one of your poems?"

"Yea, which doesn't say much since it's ruined!" she complained. "It's all wet and the letters are dispersing. Thank goodness I remember some of the stanzas."

Zach got up and went to the cabinet above the fridge. He pulled down a, gifted wrapped, box and placed it beside Jade's elbow.

"What's this?" she asked questioningly. She put down her notepad and pen down. She looked up at Zach suspiciously and picked up the box.

"It's a little gift," Zach said, taking a sip of his beer. Jade picked up the box, not taking her eyes off of him.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"I didn't do anything, now will you just open the gift!" he insisted. Jade ripped off the wrapping and opened a velvet box. Inside the box, was a pair of thin black glasses.

Jade pulled them out and placed them over her eyes. "I thought you would like it."

"These are the ones that I wanted when we went shopping?" Jade said. Zach nodded his head and Jade smiled. "Well thank you Zach I needed a new pair, my old one was missing a screw."

"What's a brother for?" Zach said. Jade cocked her head to the side and pulled the glasses off.

"You mean step-brother don't you?" Jade said coldly. Zach licked his lips and sighed. "You know what thanks for the glasses! But, I really need to write this poem down."

Jade put the glasses back on and concentrated on her work. Zach chugged down the rest of his beer and threw it into the trashcan. He looked at Jade scribble down a word or two and sat back in his chair.

Zach had only known Jade for a year, but he knew she didn't like to consider him a stepbrother. His dad, Jacob, had married her mom, Sarah, three months ago, but she still hadn't lightened up to the fact. Zach, at the age of 22, thought it was a good thing his dad had found happiness. He tried his best to warm up to Jade, but everything he tried had no effect on her. When Jade had decided to go to college after high school, Zach had insisted she stay with him in the townhouse. Jade, 19 didn't want to, but Sarah had convinced her daughter to stay. Campus wasn't that far, just about a ten minute ride and Zach needed a roommate to help pay rent.

Zach smiled at the fact that she was such a tough cookie. She didn't seem to like him, yet he got the feeling, sometimes, that she had begun to warm up to him just a bit. She shifted in her chair and pulled out the scrunchie that was holding some of her hair in a ponytail. Zach watched the soft black curls of her hair tumble to her shoulders. His eyes were mesmerized at the way she placed each strand behind her ear.

Jade stuck the pen end in her mouth. She scratched her ear and looked up, to notice Zach staring at her. "Do you mind?" she said.

"Huh?" Zach said astonished. He seemed to come out of his daze and noticed her look.

"Can you go somewhere, your sort of distracting me!" she said.

"Sure your highness, I am going to bed," he said. He stood up and walked back in the living room. "I'm going to go and hit the sack kiddo. But, wake me up in the morning so I can take you to school ok? And don't stay up to late," he yelled to her. She looked at him and smirked.

"Yes mother!" Jade responded mockingly. She took a quick look to notice Zach smile at her comment, then looked back down at her work.

"I heard that you brat!" With that said, Zach, ran up the steps and walked to his room. Jade peeked over her glasses at the ceiling. The sound of a door slammed upstairs. Slowly, a smile crept on her face. Today wasn't a total bummer at all!