Crimson tears and scarlet dreams

Everything seems black from here

Broken promises and faded charms

Blood seems thicker than tears

Crying in pain, crying in laughter

Life can be such a bore

Day by day, night by night

We go on and on in this dream

Fairy tails and dragonflies

Childhood fantasies crash to the ground

Nothing changes, nothing stays the same

We go too fast, we go too slow

Can we even stop to breathe?

Just don't scream too loud

When it all comes to an end

And we fall to our knees

Crying in misery, crying because we lost so much

You fake the smiles to make them happy

And laughter is just a passing thing

Then we feel the blood flow down our arms and bones rot beneath our flesh

It's just a fleeting thing

Theses dreams we hold so high

They will pass and we will cry

Forever lost in this endless parade

Until we can take no more

Fall to the ground

Crying in anger, crying in joy

Dreams fail and reality sinks in

It rears its ugly head

And bites us 'til we die

We land in the dust and become one with it

We cry in fear, cry in shame

Of the fact that we lost ourselves

To these blood-filled screams

Angst deepens and our heart-filled cries do the same

But we have to make the people happy

So smile

Do we even know who we are anymore?

Is it reality or dream? Is reality a dream or dreams reality?

I guess we lost ourselves

I guess we are on our way