The Old West

I busted my rear
When, I leaped on that steer

I thought I was a big man
Holding, that rope in my hand.

The steer started to buck
And, I thought man this sucks.

I grabbed it by its hair
The darn thing threw me through the air.

I hit the ground with a thud
On the ground I saw my own blood.

It was just a scratch
I knew then I was outmatched.

I grabbed my guns
And, decided I would have some fun.

I grabbed me a horse from the corral
The darn thing ran around, and around as though he was on a carousel.

Needless to say he started to buck, and I fell on my behind
I think that critter hated mankind.

I decided to visit the saloon, I strolled-up to the bar
I tripped on a cowboy's foot, and he hit me so hard I saw stars.

Someone poured water in my face
That fellow said, "Use that gun or get out of our place!"

Outside, on the ground I threw my cowboy vest
I hightailed out of town I, had enough of the old west…