When I first saw your face,
I saw your glowing smile,
Bright as the sun and stars,
It went for miles and miles.

When I first saw your heart,
It was so open and warm,
Allowing, so easily,
A friendship to form.

The care you give,
And the words you say,
Makes one's life better,
Day after day.

It's like an aura surrounds you,
That brightens everyone's day,
For when they are around you,
Their problems wash away.

And even when things turn bad,
And you begin to feel down,
You seem to keep your chin up,
And almost never frown.

In life, it seems,
So many people come and go,
Then there are ones, especially you,
That I feel blessed to know.

No matter what, I'm here for you,
As you have been for me,
You'll always be in my heart,
You'll always be in my memories.