Those eyes
Looking deeper than
I have ever
dared to look.
The depth and
darkness frightens
me a little bit.
I search deeper
though still looking.
Seeking answers to
questions that have
Hidden behind the
darkness is a light.
A light so bright
that it illuminates
the truth.
In those eyes
everyone sees
something different
Some see the dark.
Others see the light.
Some seek
the truth.
Others venture for
the questions asked.
Me? I see the
depth and the
soul that belongs
to those eyes.
The deeper I sink
into those eyes
the harder it
is to crawl out.
Deep pools of
blues, browms, greens
and grays envelope me.
Pulling me deeper as
I try to inch
my way out.
The warmth of
that light warms
me and shows
me life.
I am afraid
again...this time afraid
to loose the light,
warmth, and depth
of those eyes.
I have fallen
so deep into
those eyes that
I am lost now.
Without them I
will have no idea
what to do.
I need those eyes.
Those eyes always
half asleep yet
always smiling.
The warm light
that flows just by
looking into those eyes
is nearly unbearable.
Those eyes that I
long for yet will
never get. Those
eyes that I love
yet always taunt me.
I need those eyes.
I love those eyes.
I long for those eyes.
I will forever
watch those eyes.
Looking deeper than
I have ever
dared to look.
I am surrounded by
the depth, darkness,
and warmth.
Always half asleep
or trying to hide the
anger and pain.
I need.. those eyes.
They protect me
and give me
They warm me
yet taunt me.
I love them
yet fear them.
I need them
yet can't have them.
What more can
I say about...
Those eyes.
Please! I beg
them do not
leave me here
in this cold
emptiness again.
Those eyes look
at me and
smile. Right then
I know that
I must keep
them. They stay
and watch over
me through the
day and into
the night.
Those eyes...
What can I say about...
Those eyes...