Andy's Book of Laws


            This book, if one can call it that, is my series of laws. I have written these over time, each at a different moment after a different event. I have never sat down with the intention to think up a new law, but they often seem to come to me. After writing my original four laws, I decided I could start publishing them, as they seem to make sense. Thus, this book was created.

About the Author

            My name is Andy Chow, a Chinese boy from La Canada, California, a very sheltered, white neighborhood, which is beginning to get a reputation for trafficking drugs. I was thirteen when I wrote my first law in mid 2002. I had a short-lived relationship, of but three months, from September 2003 to December 2003, with a rather unhappy ending. I still consider myself romantically inept, but now much more aggressive in my stupidity. But, I try. Enjoy the book.

About the Book

            None of these laws should be taken too seriously. Though I've done a bit of research through my friends and my observations, this book should be taken as comedy, presented in a scientific format. Each law will come with a short story and/or some explanation as to how I came to write the law. Hopefully, this will make this more entertaining to read for you.

Note: These laws were not written in the order that they are presented in here. Andy's Second law, the Law of Conservation of Hotness, was written first. Why? Well, it's simple. Having a second law made me look like I had a first.  Anybody with a successful first law has to have credibility, right? I thought it was funny.