Acknowledgements and Thanks:

Thanks to those who served as research and development for their respective laws.

Alexandra "Lexie the Sexie" Malchione: Law of Female Numerosity.

Caroline "-ahhhhh" Strecker: Law of Conservation of Hotness, Law of Human Perception Properties, Law of Female Numerosity.

Kevin "G-Thing" Sell: Law of Emotional Inertia.

Sierra Prescott: Law of Female Numerosity.

Thanks to those who have supported of Andy's Book of Laws and Andy Chow himself.

Daniel "Dannyboy" Lavender

Andrew "Burrito Buddy" King

Morgan "Frenchie" Hartley

Walter Rodriguez

Thanks to those who have served to make the technical and presentational aspects of this book better (Editors):

Avery "GT-R Master" Snyder – First Editor