A Little Too Hy(per)

[I'm A Slave For You Is Playing. See Kelcey dancing in Allison's room. Allison comes in.]

Allison: What are you doing?

Kelcey: Dancing!

Allison: That's not dancing.

Kelcey: Is too.

Allison: Well, I'm turning it off.

Kelcey: I don't care.

[Allison leaves. Danielle turns off the music. Allison goes back in the room.]

Kelcey: Hey!

Allison: Too bad, Kelcey.

Kelcey: {Pouting} Awwww

[Allison leaves. Enter Danielle.]

Danielle: Hey Kelcey.

Kelcey: Hi Danielle! You wanna dance?

[Jumps up and does "The Monkey"]

Danielle: Er. no.

Kelcey: Okay.

[Jumps up again and does "The Monkey"]

Danielle: Oookay. Bye Kelcey!

Kelcey: Bye!

[Danielle leaves. Kelcey is still doing "The Monkey"]

[Scene switches to hallway. You can still see Kelcey dancing in the background. Danielle is

leaning against the wall. Allison is standing next to her.]

Allison: She's weird.

Danielle: You can say that again.

Allison: Duh!

Danielle: ...

Kelcey: {off-key} Ohhhhh-ohhhh-yea-eahhhhh

[Allison turns around and leaves. Danielle sighs and turns to Kelcey.]

Danielle: Kelcey, you think you can calm down?

Kelcey: No.

[Danielle sighs again. She goes into the gameroom. Allison is playing Zelda: The Wind Waker.]

Allison: This crack sure is good.

Danielle: !!

Allison: No, see. You have to break down the wall. I've only been able to crack it.

[Danielle lets out her breath.]

Danielle: We have to do something about Kelcey.

Allison: Yeah, it's like she's high or something.


Danielle: Any ideas?

Allison: Che, no.

[Danielle rolls her eyes. She goes back to the bedroom. Kelcey is still dancing.]

Danielle: Kelcey, you have to stop. You're a horrible dancer.

Kelcey: Am not!

Danielle: Come on.

Kelcey: Okay.

[Kelcey and Danielle walk down stairs. Allison plays Fur Alese on the piano until they almost

reach the bottom of the stairs, then they stop. Kelcey sees Schuyler.]

Kelcey: Boo-Boo!

[Kelcey runs after Schuyler, scoops him up and hugs him.]

Danielle: Well, at least you're not dancing anymore.