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Underground Ballroom By: Wheezin'


Leaves rustled about as a young woman approached the entrance to the decaying door of the run-down house. The house moaned of its unbearable weight, protesting loudly of its unrighteous despair. The house seemed to weep with tears of rose vines, until it was be covered of it. Perched high on a barren hill, it was the perfect setting for an imaginative ghost story.

She nervously knocked once, and the oak door swung open. A blast of frigid air came rushing in, colder than the air outside. She put a paper package on the doorstep and hurried away, hands shoved into her pocket of her warm black coat. She didn't want to waste time, people might notice.

"Wait." A hoarse voice came out of the house, whipping around her as the wind hurried past. It wasn't a man, or a woman's voice. She didn't want to know who it was anyhow. Knowledge was the safest way to play the game, Joshua, the leader, had said. But look at what happened, she thought sardonically. Captured and tortured by the enemy, he was left on the doorsteps of his house, mutilated and unrecognizable. His wife committed suicide afterwards, leaving two children behind. One of them was she, three years ago.

Yes, no knowledge was the smarter way to play. She turned around quickly. "I must go," she said quite harshly, but immediately regretting it.

"It's all right." The voice sighed wearily. "You can go, Annette." She stared at the door, with her mouth agape. "How-how did you know my name?" She whispered.

"Never mind. Go. The others might be wondering. Hurry!" The last word was said with urgency, and the decaying door was shut noisily, the package gone.

She closed her eyes and swallowed. How could that person know my real name, before the war? Her head swam with frantic thoughts, and she walked back to the lonely house, ignoring the frantic warnings the voice shouted. A gunshot sounded. A moment later, all was black.