"Cries From The Spirit's Heart"
The spirit that flows through all of us,
Will only stop when opportunity ceases.
To continue relentlessly through the masses,
Until it comes upon the chosen one.
When faith brings forth the diseases of man,
The spirit that flows through all of us,
Will defend our lives the best it can.

Don't complain when the spirit takes a loved one,
It is the displacement of nature and its beauty.
It will never follow, nor bother you,
Unless the spirit sees fit.
Uphold honor and never predict the future,
Not to be certain of anything in the world's stature.
When the spirit comes, we no longer have to hide.

Keep your pride in the creases of your throat,
Swallow it tightly as if it were a pill,
To keep you alive, never to be ill.
Unless you gloat my friend, never gloat,
The spirit within your pride will strike,
Never to have mercy, relentless is the spirit,
When you say hello, it says good-bye.

When the last string is plucked,
And the last drum is smashed,
The masses will gather to say,
Good-bye to the spirit and the pride.
We no longer have to hide,
Because all of the evil is gone for good,
We never knew it would be.