The Wheel of Life continues to turn
So let the Beltane fires burn
People gather once again
To light the fire and leap the flame.

Let the Year King's blood in crimson drops
Stain the land and bless the crops
Let the Lady's blessing fall
Fertility come to one and all.

Before the morning sun has risen
Through the fire let the beasts be driven
Men and women, the right is ours
To love and laugh beneath the stars.

At sunrise let thanks be given
For fertile land and fertile women
Let human hearts swell with pride
Let women swell with new life inside.

On Beltane the spring will fall
And summer come to one and all
Soon Litha will come our way
But we give thanks to spring this day.

Thanks to the Lady now be heard
Praise be in the spoken word
The Goddess and her consort lie together
To lay blessings on the land forever.

Celebrate in the ancient way
And let new life be kindled today
Bedeck the Beltane pole with flowers
To invoke the ancient powers.

Now's the time for new beginnings
And to recognise the joy of living
By Fire and Water, Earth and Air
Let known your thanks and praise to Her.

Let the joy of Beltane come to thee
By Lord and Lady,
Blessed Be.