Paint eggs to decorate the home
Pick the flowers that spring has grown
Let rabbits decorate the halls
Ostara comes to one and all.

Now it's spring and night equals day
Spring equinox comes to us today
In the kitchen the feast awaits
Vegetables, fruits, eggs and cakes.

In the Lady's sight lift your voice to sing
And rejoice in the magickal ring
Leave gifts for the faerie people too
And they may grant a blessing to you

Let incense on the altar burn
And thank each element in its turn
For bringing about the seasons change
Let light into your life again.

Thank the Lord and the Lady for the blessings that be
Sit for a while under each sacred tree
Meditate on what you want to achieve
Anything can happen if you believe.

May Ostara bring much joy to thee
By Lord and Lady,
Blessed Be.