The first flowers of the year begin to bloom
Spring will follow winter soon
Celebrate Imbolc, one and all
Let the sorrow of winter fall.

Now the beasts with milk must flow
To allow their young to grow
Plant and animal spring to life
Let human hearts warm to the sight.

Now the time for hope is dawning
From winter's night the spring is forming
Now birdsong comes to bless the air
Wiccans plant their herbs with care.

Wiccans let your besoms sweep
Away the darkness for winter to keep
Brush the tiredness from your eyes
And to Imbolc celebrations rise.

Now the spring is dawning bright
Bedeck your altar in red, orange and white
Where the morning sun is seen
Let the Lord and Lady be crowned as King and Queen

Yellow is the colour seen
Buttercups among the green
Let yellow be the chosen blooms
That hang to bless in every room.

Now comes the time to clean
To clear the cobwebs of the time that's been
Now's the time for fresh starts
Wiccans listen to what's in your hearts.

At Imbolc may your heart be set free,
By Lord and Lady
Blessed Be.