On Samhain night the new years starts
And we keep lost loved ones in our hearts
We light the candles in the hall
And beg that spirits come to call

On the alter photos lie
Of lost loved ones called to die
On this day we dwell together
To think on times fondly remembered.

Flames flicker in the Jack o' lantern's eyes
And shadows move across the sky
The warm seasons that we spent together
Must end now and be lost forever.

Sown by the love of Beltane in the spring
Blessed by the blood of the Year King
The autumn crops sprang into life
And now give way to the Lady's scythe.

Autumn comes and our Lord takes the throne
And the Lady moves from Mother to Crone
The year of old must come to an end
So the Wheel of Life can start to spin again.

The blood of the god on the spent land falls
To promise that spring will come to all
Soon the darkness will give way to night
The Wheel will come again to warmer nights.

But now the old year has to wane
So sit in remembrance on the night of Samhain
Reflect on old days and plan for the new
Think what the New Year will bring for you.

The New Year arrives as the old departs
But we keep the memories in our hearts
Eight Sabbats have we passed together
Praise to the Lord and Lady forever.

May the New Year be good to thee
By Lord and Lady
Blessed Be.