Light the Yule log in the hearth
Now the light gives way to dark.
Now that autumn has to fall
Winter has come to call.

Decorate the halls with oak
And with your family laugh and joke
Celebrate in the ways of old
Bedeck the house in red, white, silver, green and gold.

Let pine cones site along the fire
Hang mistletoe to invoke your desire
Both these mark the evergreen
Immortality to all the world seen.

Eat and drink well, laugh and rejoice,
And to your joys readily give voice.
Even though the god must die today
He sends happiness our way.

Set the Yule tree in the home
And give thanks to the earth in which it was grown
Decorate it with strings of dried flowers
Imbue it with the ancient powers.

Now's the time for family to draw together
To cement their bond forever
Let the day pass in peace
Let all sorrow and anger cease.

I send the best of Yuletide blessings to thee
By Lord and Lady,
Blessed Be.