Stop, hold still and breathe
You're worth more than tears you wept
Before you go and battle
Give yourself time to accept

There's all the time in the world
For you to gather yourself together
Put on your warmest coat
Before you battle the coldest weather

'Cause I'll be
I'll be here
While you're searching for your answer
You will see
Through my tears
That you're learning to be a dancer
And I truly believe
You will find your way.
It's worth the pain of watching you struggle
To know you'll seize the day...

Now rise, valiant soldier
And come to meet your morning
It's going to be quite a long day
Full of fear and tears and scorning

May the breeze be at your back
May the road be lined with daisies
May they fall, the ones who think you weak
And that your determination is crazy


You know, you know there's an answer
You know, you know you're a dancer
As you stumble, stand and fall
You know, you know I'll be with you
You know, you know I can give you
The greatest gift of all...


Hear the whisper of dawn
Your moment will arrive
Open your eyes, and you'll see
There's nothing better than to be alive.