Deeply the earth breathes, steady and slow
The moonlight at midnight is blue tinted milk
I'll try to put out what's already aglow
Yielding to night draping me with dark silk

I'll close my eyes and imagine sunrise
The bright golden brilliance to shatter the night
Is sorrow what I see, or selfishness in disguise…?
I don't know, but I'm too weak to look for the light

I look to my hand, for it's all that can save
I'm the sole one who can learn what my heart truly needs
The hands that so recently dug me a grave
Are filled now with nothing but a scatter of seeds

I sink to the soil, soft and warm to my touch
The earth rocks me, back and forth like a daughter
I feel such despair, for I want joy so much…
And the seeds flow from my hand like brown pregnant water

I don't know how it happened or from where they came
Or why they appeared in that penetrable gloom
I don't know very much, but all the same
The seeds sprouted green and started to bloom

I turn to the moonset, gracing the west
And feel something cold in my heart start to stir
An ember of memory, deep in my chest
Ignites in my heart, steady and sure

Perhaps there's a sunrise waiting beyond the silk?
Perhaps, if I try very hard, I can find it?
If I turn to these seeds, shed their blanket of milk
Follow their path and constantly mind it…

Minute upon minute, hour upon hour
I wait for the sunrise with unwavering trust
Watching a seed turn to sprout turn to flower
Tilt towards the east in its bittersweet lust

Horizon sighs and releases its clutch
A faint golden glow appears on the hill
My heart fills with joy I can all but touch-
Since when can hope evoke such a thrill?

It rises, the sun, a great flame of relief
A chariot, that all the world leads
And those prophets of light, of hope and belief
Were nothing but sunflower seeds.