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"Why are you bothering me? I'm trying to work here." The shorter of the twins looked up from what he was doing and faced the other twin. He had short, spiked brunette hair. He wore a black knee length trench coat, underneath he had on a sleeveless navy colored shirt. His shorts were a dark red. His wings a medium length and tucked behind him.

"I was just going to ask you where we're going tonight." His brother crossed his arms defensively. "So where are we going?" The blonde faced his brother again. "Since you DO have all the best places, I hate to admit." He gave an unhappy look at admitting that point since he was supposed to be the better of the twins. He wore a long gray trench coat that was buckled shut. His shirt was same, except a black color. He wore pants instead of shorts, the color a light gray, almost white. A small key chain with a rose hung from them.

"I don't know." The vampire sighed. "I had an appointment with some other vampires."

His brother looked skeptical about the idea. Justin's meetings weren't always pleasant. "I don't think we should go."

"I know you don't like my ideas all the time, but please consider this one. We've been low on blood lately anyway." His eyes turned chibish. "Please, Drake?"

Drake sighed. "Fine, I guess we'll go." He jumped off the balcony they were on. His coat swayed behind him as he landed lightly on the ground below. His brother climbed down the stairs though.

"Why do you insist to do that?"

"Do what?"

"You know. Use. the _human's_ inventions." He said the word human with utter disgust.

"Oh come on. Human's aren't as bad as you think they are." He climbed off the last step and proceed down the street, his brother followed.

"Do you even know where to meet these vampires, Justin?" Questioned the one that was following.

"Sure I do." Justin smiled, his sharp little canines showed. Unlike his brother, he liked the human's, and their inventions.

Drake frowned. "I don't think you know where you're going." He crossed his arms.

"Sure I d-" He stopped and looked around. "Do you smell that?"

Drake sniffed around them. "Hmm." He nodded.

Justin pointed. "There." He said in a low voice.

The figure was a girl. Why should I describe her, she'll just be gone soon anyway.

They both lunged at her; even from far away they could see their target. Drake got their first. He smirked. His canines were longer and produced farther out than Justin's. He grabbed the girl and took hold of her neck, then bit.

She didn't have a chance to scream. She was dead before that. Her skin was chalk white when he was through with her.

Now usually people think that when you're bitten by a vampire you become one. That is not so. The vampire community would have grown, and there would be no more humans left if they did that. No, they grow by mating with the humans. Of course only females have that job.

"Why do you always get hem?" Complained Justin when the corpse was disposed of.

Drake turned to face his twin. "Maybe it's because I'm faster then you and I train my abilities. Unlike you, brother." He frowned again.

"What?" The other brother spread his arms wide and had an expression of mock confusion. "I do my training as much as you, brother."

Drake, once again, sighed. "But you don't use your powers, the ones you were born with. You keep experimenting with the human inventions."

"So?" Justin questioned. "I still do it. And if we learn how to use the human's ideas then we can get our prey more easily. Don't you think?" He turned to his brother, who was thinking on the matter.

"I'll think about it. Let's just get to where ever it is you said we were going." He glared at his twin.

"Alright, alright." Justin started forward and Drake followed.


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