I've been practicing my lines for what seems like eternity

My role in this play has only just begun to unfurl

Into a benevolent display of raw affection and passion

It surprises the world with and unbalanced situation

One in which they have no idea how to deal

They do not know this feeling of lust or hope

For they have only been feeding on the lies of eternal happiness

It never chose to explain the dire consequences of abandoning love

I step out nervously onto this fake stage

Nervous faces stare back at me from the new crowd

They have no clue as to what I'm about to show them

My performance of a lifetime, lasting until eternity ends

Revelations will bring forth the other actors

The other who can understand what true feelings are

And what true feelings should mean to the rest of the world

And happiness will be replaced with fear and consequence

The doomsday I have been planning finally arrives in full force

It lands upon the spectators with an eerie silence

Nothing moves, talks, or even dares to breathe in this reverie

My play has but only begun to effect these people

They drop their cares, worries, and dreams

And begin to die their silent, worthless deaths in life's arms

Until they hear the muffled crying of my heart

And embrace the love I've been yearning to show them