Weekend Alcoholic

By spheeris1

Warnings/notes: angst-y pity party & MAJOR ANGER ^_~


I find it funny to listen to you talk.

Not that your voice has some humorous tenor…

No, no….just the words that come out of your lips.

I can't believe I kissed them.

Can I blame it on this bottle in my hand?

'Get Out of Jail Free' card is in my back-pocket

And I'll use it…

Don't think I won't….

The sentences you speak, of friends and of kindness and of plans.

What a fucking joke!

Or maybe that is just the drink talking….

Green and brown bottles are such a good excuse.

A good damn excuse for the fucking truth.

Go on, spill your soul out…I'll listen, I'm a good little listener….

Poor girl, rough times.

You sob on the wooden bar and I'll keep an eye on your tab.

But the bill is getting high or have you forgotten?

How many drinks of mine have you sipped?

I will drive myself home tonight.

Don't come near my car tonight.

The card is a key….

…and I'm up for a little wreck tonight….

Wrap the metal around the tree and let the black burn onto the street.

I hope you see me walk away,

I hope you see me saunter off.

And I'll just keep going back, again and again

Again and again

Again and again

Again and fucking again.

One stool for me and one for you…don't forget our date!

We always play our drinking game, can't you remember?

Two drinks for every 'I love you' you don't mean.

Three drinks for every 'I hate you' you never said.

And the whole bottle for every lie told in our bed.

I'm drunk again

And you'll put the blame on me for losing it all.

But I'm just on a binge, sweetheart….

And I've left you with the fucking bill.