The Jazzmine Chronicles

By: Courtney Mitchell

Prologue - Greece

The shrill screaming of the people made her wince with pain and guilt. She, however, couldn't remove her eyes from the horrific sight. Poseidon would not allow her to look away. He wanted her to the pain, death and destruction she caused. The tears stung her eyes making the faces on the island blur together, but still she watched.

As she watched her precious home sink beneath the cold, deep blue waves, she thought about the people on the island. Her father, aunts, uncles, cousins and so forth. They were all dying. Yet she would live on. Perhaps forever. It didn't seem fair, but, thought again, what was fair in this world?

She had only traveled to Athens for a short time. She hadn't known Poseidon had been trying to rule Athens. So when Cecrops had come to her for advice and she chose the olive tree as the greatest gift, she hadn't known that she was choosing Athena over Poseidon. Now, because of that, Poseidon took his rage out on her. So technically she was responsible for the sinking of her beautiful island.

She had begged with Poseidon, pleaded with him not to punish her. She knew all to well of the terrible effects of Poseidon's nasty temper. He had ignored her - just like always. Now he was taking away the only normal thing left in her life.

She furiously swiped at her eyes to wipe away the free falling tears. The island was almost totally submerged by now and the screaming had stopped. In fact the deafening, dead silence was a hundred times worse then the terrified screams of the women and children.

The top of the last house sank underwater and all was still. There was no evidence that the large island of Atlantis had ever existed. She kept her eyes on the stop where Atlantis had disappeared.

Finally, she stood up and averted her eyes when she felt Poseidon's handle on her slip away. Before she left, she turned around and scanned the now calm water with her eyes, then quickly turned and fled.