The Purple Spiral Notebook

A small, but thick, purple notebook sat un-opened upon her desk. I knew this was the source of all her thoughts and feelings; it contained all her innermost emotions.and all her precious untold thoughts and aspirations..the ones she would never express.

The book beckoned to me. I could not sustain how much I wanted no more than anything to loosen its binding and unfold this unknown world to me . . . Oh, how much I wanted to read it, to feast upon it!

I turned my head and backed away, the power of this unknown object was great, I was displeased with myself for even allowing myself to come to such a close distance. Nearing the door, thinking there was now a safe amount of ground between us, I took one last small peek at the harmless- looking Pandora's Box.

I closed the door behind me, and did what I knew I would have done. . . . all sense of control was lost within me. I was doing the thing I knew I would be prone to do, the thing I had no sense of control over. . . . . Oh, how it was not my fault that I was tempted for this, surely anyone would understand that, that I could not overcome this temptation, it was far too great to control. It was wrong, I knew that, but I could not stop.

I sat on a small stool in front of Her desk. My fingers carefully caressed the cover of the notebook. I have only the best intentions, I thought.

As the book unfolded to me. . . . . . . . . I wish I could turn back. . . .