NOTE: This is a story idea I thought of and wrote it before it slipped from my sinister mind.

SUMMARY: The full summary was too long to fit, so I made it brief. Keane--the name meant bold and handsome. And yes--Keane was handsome, but his bitter life turned him into a hateful and cruel person. Using his looks as his main tool, he stole away girls' hearts, and he broke them, making them shatter into a million pieces. He'd make them do whatever he wanted them to do. Then it all changed when he met Michelle....

Chapter 1: Yet Another Unfortunate Victim

Keane almost smirked as the look of horror slowly spread across her beautiful face. Her pool blue eyes filled with tears, and her mouth dropped open.

"No..." she whispered. Keane nearly laughed with pleasure, but caught himself and forced his face to stone-like and cold.

"I'm sorry, Chloe," he said, making sure his voice was layered with ice, "But our relationship just can't work out. I don't feel any love for you. I'm sorry. Really, I am, but...." he pretended he couldn't go on.

"Why, Keane?" asked Chloe, her voice trembling. "I thought you said you'd love me forever...."

"I'm sorry, Chloe, I'm really sorry....." Keane's mouth twitched. "I just don't love you. I woke up today and realized I held no feelings, no emotions for you. I can't pretend to love someone, okay?" Keane told himself silently, *It's true, for the big finale....* "Maybe we can still stay friends, okay?" He knew that it those words were the most heartbreaking words someone could ever say to someone that he was breaking up with. And Chloe burst into dry sobs, crying her heart out over a guy that didn't love her.

"Keane...Keane...what's wrong with me? Tell me, what's wrong with me? Maybe I can--" she collapsed into weeps and hiccoughs again, and Keane still showed no emotion.

"Sorry, Chloe," he said, surprised that he could act so well. "Hope your day'll go alright." He patted her once on the shoulder. Chloe sank onto the ground and leaned against the cold stone wall, her tears tumbling down to the ground, as well as her heart.


As soon as Chloe was out of sight, Keane congratulated himself again. *Yes, Keane!!* he thought happily. *Mission acclomplished!!* He never knew breaking people's hearts could be so fun. Girls' hearts, actually. His bitter life had turned him into the monster today. *See, father,* he thought, *If you were still here, I'd break your heart just like you broke mine.*


Craig, Keane's father, slammed the report card down onto the table. Seven-year-old Keane winced. His father's face was purple, his lips pulled back onto his yellow and chipped teeth. That was never a good sign.

"Three C's and ten D's?!?!??! Tell me, boy, is this your best??!!!" Keane drew back ever so slightly.

"Yes?" he said in a small voice. Craig growled.

"DON'T TALK BACK TO ME, BOY!!!" he bellowed. "THIS IS YOUR BEST??!!??!!! EVEN A CHIPMUNK COULD DO BETTER!!!" Keane was about to point out that chipmunks couldn't talk, and they couldn't write, but decided to keep his mouth shut, for his father's temper was not something to play with. His temper was fiery hot and short--extremely dangerous.


"B-But the teacher was extra m-mean, and h-he never gives a-anyb-body A's--"

"SILENCE!!!" shouted Craig. "I'LL TEACH YOU NOT TO TALK BACK AT YOUR OLD MAN!!!" Keane noticed a slight insane gleam in his eyes. Right away, he knew his father had been drinking again. When he was drunk, he would be extremely abusive. Sure enough, he raised a cane, made of hard wood, and struck Keane hard on the head. Keane screamed. His mother, Joyce, burst into the kitchen, and stopped short when she saw Craig.

"Craig!!" she cried shrilly. "What're you doing to my son???!!!??!"

"He's my son, too, you bitch!!" snarled Craig. "MOVE!! I'm gonna teach him a lesson he'll never forget!!!"

"Craig!! Please, don't!!" Joyce threw herself onto Keane. "If you want to get to Keane, you'll have to get through me!!" she said defensively. Craig was swelling up with anger.

"Then I will!!!" Sure enough, Craig whacked the cane across Joyce's head, and her eyes rolled up to her head. Seconds later, she slumped to the floor with a thump.

"Momma!!" cried Keane, scuttling over to Joyce. He shook her, hard. "Momma!! Wake up!! Wake up!!" Craig wrenched Keane from Joyce, and he was slammed into the wall. Craig proceeded to shove the thick part of the wooden cane into Keane as hard as he could, and Keane screamed with pain. Purple and green bruises soon covered every part of his body, and when Craig threw the cane away, he beat Keane with his fists and kicked him when he recoiled.

"You--you--" Keane stammered, and then began to cry. Craig took no notice of his tears.

"I what??!! So I killed your mother. So I beat the crap outta ya. SO WHAT???!!?! YOU CAN'T EVEN TAKE THAT, CAN YA????!!?!?!?!! WHEN I WAS A BOY, I COULD TAKE A GUNSHOT, AND HERE YOU ARE, CRYING CUZ OF A FEW HITS!!! I TELL YA, YOU AIN'T NO SON OF MINE!!!!"


Keane bit his lip. *You ain't no son of mine...* the words echoed cruelly in his head. Even before that, he had suffered abuse from his father. But that was the first time Craig had spoken those words. Now he was dead, because of some fight in the bar he drank in. He had killed his mother. Joyce was the only one that understood him.

Now, because of his past, he was a hateful person. He had no friends; he took away girls' hearts, he left them behind broken. Keane walked back a little and spotted Chloe, still crying. Yes, she was a beautiful person, but Keane could not keep her. Her blonde hair and blue eyes couldn't fool him. She was a bitch. Keane spun on his heel and walked to the homeless shelter, the only home he had.


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