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Chapter 6: Learning to Love

Michelle cocked her head. Keane was acting strangely. He looked kind of apologetic and uneasy. She wondered what was wrong with him. He definitely had something to say, but he just wasn't saying it. She hoped it was the three words that she had been hoping for.


"Look Michelle...." He had to say it...had to....but he couldn't bring himself to say it. Something caught in his throat. He bit his lip, chewed on it, then let go of it. He furrowed his brow and swallowed again. This time he had to say it. He must have been putting on a show, because a few people were ogling at them, and watching Keane particularly in interest. Come on, Keane!! he urged himself. What's wrong with you today? Just a few words showing great dislike towards her, and...and then...Keane shut his eyes tightly. One part of him wanted to say it, but one part didn't. It was strange. Very strange.

"Erm...." Michelle was looking at him kind of sympathetically.

"Are you shy about this or something?"Michelle's hand rested lightly onto his. Keane would have jerked out her grasp--if he didn't like her touch so much. It sent him a shiver down his spine. He loved her touch. He loved the way she said her words. He loved everything about her.

"I...I...." Keane shut his eyes again. Then he opened them. He squeezed Michelle's hand.


"Yes?" He looked into her eyes. They were shining. He brought her hands to his lips.

"I love you."


The words just came out of his mouth. I love you. They were from the heart, the soul, and the mind. He loved Michelle. And he had hated so many.

Keane had learned to love. He had finally learned to love. He looked back at his past, the way all his girls had burst into tears when he had announced that they should break up. Keane found himself wincing at the memories. They were actually...hurtful, and he after so many tears had fallen because of him. He was sorry for his mistakes.

The only reason he hurt people was because he had endured hurt when he was little. His father had killed his mother, the only person that truly understood him; and Craig had declared Keane no son of his. Craig was never there when Keane needed him. Craig only cared about torturing people and beating his son. Keane had never experienced any kindness during his childhood, and as his father was so cruel, he also turned cruel. He broke some hearts just like his father did. Somebody needed to show him there was such thing as kindness. Yet sixteen years had passed, and still no one came to teach him how to love.

But kindness unveiled itself later, and came to him in the form of Michelle. She cared for him, loved him, and Keane couldn't help but love her back. He was glad for Michelle to have come, or a few more hearts would have been broken because of him, maybe even a few suicides. In a way, Michelle was like a teacher. He taught her how to love. It was a strange way, to describe how to make him actually love someone, but he did. He just did. All the evil had evaporated from inside of him.

Keane and Michelle walked out of the store hand in hand, and Keane chuckled silently in his brain, and looked at the beautiful girl (inside and out) beside him. Who knew the girl he was plotting to break would actually turn out to be the girl of his dreams?


Michelle was surprised at Keane. Never had she seen him this sincere before, and he had never uttered 'I love you' before, just kissed her and all. But now his words were filled with emotion. Pure emotion. She had never really thought he would actually admit it to her until now. Michelle thought about it. She had tried to treat Keane with as much love as possible, and now...he was caring. Just as she would imagine a perfect boyfriend.

Ah, love, she thought amusingly. It never fails. To surprise me.


When he took her home that afternoon, Keane smiled--truly smiled--and repeated, "I love you, Michelle." Michelle tossed her hair behind her shoulders.

"You're so sweet, aren't you?" she said. A slight pink tinge appeared in his cheeks. (Hmm, thought Michelle. He never blushed before. Interesting.)

"But I do," said Keane with the adorable ignorance of a five-year-old. He wrapped his arms around her waist. "I love you, and I want you to know it." Michelle leaned her head against his broad shoulders. She liked his arms around her; it was somewhat a comforting feeling now.

"I love you too, Keane," she whispered.


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