Two seconds of his life,
he probably didn't think about it.
But those seconds changed mine,
and now I've just about had it.
Changing isn't always fun
I feel relieved
but I'm not done
The task that I have set upon me
is harder than chasing the wind.
I receive no help from friend or kin.
He said, "This place is a pig sty!"
I made a vow but didn't reply.
I'm alone with my job,
but I don't give up.
I won't give in
I'll show them I'm tough.
If they can set aside
some time to hide
from helping me
and bide their time
then I can set aside time
from doing nothing
and do something
Cause every time I sing a rhyme
I lifts my spirits high
And I start over again
I'll clean this house all by myself
deliver the puppies
those little whelps
pluck the slugs out of the garden
be careful to let the cement harden
while my parents go on a second honeymoon
I unbend all those blasted spoons
Why can't my little brother be more careful?
Why can't my friends be a little more helpful?
If my boyfriend can take me for a ride
can't he help me with chores inside?
But I don't care
I have my pride
I'm proud of who I am inside
I'm proud of the moon that brings in the tide
That's me
within a metaphor
while my teenage brother sits and snores.
I can clean
and cook
and mop
and feed
and sweep,
and water
and bake
and weed.
I can do all of that,
by myself,
without a care,
without help.
For I am the moon who brings in the tide
that's who I am when I do chores inside.