Angry fists and tearing skin

You can't see what you make me do

You left me alone

To my own thoughts

I scare myself sometimes

You ask my advice

I can't even help myself

You don't know how much you hurt me

You can't see me here

Blade in hand

Door locked

I can't cry

I must be strong

I have to be someone else to be someone

No crystal tears only blood

I bite my lip and take the pain

It's addictive, the blade

I hate it but I love it all the same

The blood is the tears I dare not shed

Not too small but not too long

Enough to feel but not get caught

I hide away all alone

You say I'm afraid of the people

I'm afraid, but of myself

What do I say?

How do I act?

It seems as if all I know is the pain

The blade

It brings forth my tears of crimson red