Just so you folks out there know, I really felt like I wore a Mask, sometimes...

I Wear The Mask

Every morning I wake,
Till every night I sleep,
I wear the mask.
The mask of disguise,
Of deceit, and lies,
Of showing one thing,
But feeling another,
Ever day till every night,
I wear the mask. A mask I wear, a mask,
A hateful thing it is this mask,
I wear it though,
I don't want to,
I wear the mask.
This mask,
Will show me happy,
When I'm sad,
When I'm mad,
Or peaceful,
When I'm not,
But otherwise,
I wear the mask. Life hurts,
I know,
I've gone down that road,
Don't come with me,
Leave! Leave!
Leave I say!
Or you will me a wearer of the mask! Sometimes at night,
I lay and wonder,
What my life might have been,
If I wasn't a wearer of the mask,
But I'll never know,
Since I went down that road,
And became a wearer of the mask. Don't come!
Don't come!
Don't be a wearer of the mask! Leave! Leave!
Don't be like me!
I live a horrid life,
Being a wearer of the mask. Go! Go!
Be gone! I'm fine!
I'll manage to be,
A wearer of the mask.

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~Shadow Kat~