"Old Endings"
When I was sad, you made me so convivial,
When I was dead, I encountered your revival.
When I was starting, you gave me deadlines,
When I was narrow, I encountered your streamlines.

So much to say about why you hadn't stayed,
But why waste my time making up new plots?
You were like an alley cat, easily you stray,
But why make new endings to something that's not?

It's the old endings I cherish the most,
The less you change the more I feel.
In the old endings I grew, but never to boast,
About my strategy, I just had time to kill.

Please don't think you were a blessing,
All you were doing was messing me up.
Fucking up my world and all my friends,
Why make new endings?
Stick with the old ones.

Enter the night time and exit the light,
Tonight we lived, tonight we died.
So black inside, in your eyes,
Why conventionalize when, I can despise, you?