Welcomed home,
The lights were on,
Unsuspecting palindrome.
Either way you say it,
You were supposed to be gone.
Unpleasant is what I found.

In the next room lies my heart,
Unsuspecting mosquitos,
Sucked it dry.
They left with no sign of ever coming back.

It's so hard to regain,
What can be lost in a day.
It seems that I,
Have become your prey,
In a day, one little day.

Regardless of what I've done,
It's all gone to the wolves.
Tomorrow will not greet me,
Unsuspecting cheating brings,
More problems to solve.

Do not disturb me,
Is all the sign said.
I'm not in a hotel,
But you rented out my bed.
You left me out,
In the cold with no sign of coming back.