"Sole Purpose"
You've heard it all before,
Which one did you like best?
The birth, the life, the death,
Have all been put to rest.

I lay my hand upon your face,
Another upon your breast.
Your tongue, I loved the taste,
Better than the rest.

Yet I'm afraid of what you say,
Will you stray, run, yield?
Committing murder on my feelings,
Run away constantly stealing--
My light, my life, tonight,
I fight my way, I'm all right.

Live today, for tomorrow,
Die another day, okay?
Or just run away,
Heavy is the sorrow.

I found out what I should do though,
I found I would, if I could.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I should take the one less traveled by.
To make all the difference in your world.