Forget all the things that were said that night,
I was blurred inside my pain.
You and I both know that we hate to fight,
We were mistaken inside the rain.

Stop it all, just please don't go,
Remembered when we danced?
If you happen to let go,
Don't say I was happenstance.

I know I don't ask for much,
To ask for you was all.
All of me consumed by fear,
Just take me away from here.

Snowblinded by your graceful words,
That let me down so hard.
I thought you were my pillow,
In my life that's no holds barred.

An event might happen in your life,
Where you'll make an important choice.
Don't choose the wrong side or the right,
Just go with how you feel this time.

Let it all fall down the stream,
And let it burn with all the steam.
The pain and good times that we had,
Balanced our life full of the bad.

Sometimes it can seem so fucked up,
But sometimes it's so surreal.
The only thing I ask for now,
Is for you to feel.

The kin and touch of your soft skin,
Let me go to sleep at night.
The blows and whispers of your mouth,
Gently showed me the light.

Amazing how you can fall in love,
With someone that you don't know.
You see them walk by everyday,
And feel you should let go.

But reality tells me to back off,
To let you live your life without me.
Even if I could brighten your day,
Who said you'd even like me?

The boiling rain and the frozen snow,
Mixed emotions and the shows.
Of feelings in my human source,
With the pilot flying high.

Sometimes it seems so long, sometimes,
Sometimes it goes away.
Without warnings I know no fear,
With them I persevere.

Maybe one day I will say hello,
Maybe one day I'll love you too.
The wishes and the broken dreams,
When your tired face becomes unglued.