"Too Bad"
I'm feelin' low,
Just waiting in line,
For your glow that will never be mine.

Can't stop me,
I'm feelin' addicted,
To all those feelings that used to be his.

And when will you get off of the phone?
When will you get off of your throne?
Feelin' small and you're larger than life,
I just wish that you would be the love of my life.

I'm really sorry,
I'm feelin' sorry,
No need for you or me to ever worry.

I had it made,
While you just got laid,
Sorry you missed out on my love today.

When will you realize that you missed out,
On this love that could erase all your doubt,
About this life and this fucked up world we live in?
It's just too bad you had to fuckin' be his.