I loved, I cared
All for one man. He drove me into
An insanitary bliss. I felt calm, peaceful
Loved for, Cared for
Given a reason to live. We'd play, we'd kiss
We'd show affection
Until one day
He paid me a visit
Showing his pain, and hate for me. He teased me, mocked me
Ridiculed me in front of everyone. Now all I wish, All I ever wish
Is to take my revenge,
on my once sweet love. He came, one day
Crushing what we once had.
Crushing the peacefulness, the happy bliss. So some day,
I shall take my revenge
Posing upon him,
the pain he caused me. My love,
My happiness
All dumped for this man.
Even now, as I feel for revenge
I love him
Even now, as the sad song of loss plays
I love him. But ever so, he caused me pain
So ever so, I shall cause him pain.
I shall bring Revenge down upon his head.

Okay, in truth, the love of my life had dumped me. In truth I still feel the pain every time a sad song of loss plays. In truth, I love him still, even though he ridicules me. If he knew who I was, I am sure he would not hesitate to understand my pain. See he left me, shortly after he ridiculed me. He left, shortly after he realized his mistake. I miss him, and hope someday we shall meet again. My one true love. Hey! Poem Idea!

Alone In A Dark World

A Life Of Sorrow Is Lived

And A Name Spoke Unto The Dying Air

~Shadow Kat~