My One True Love

I stand in the flowers
Of beautiful spring
And think back on that day
When I met my true love. A help program I was joining
And he was the first to gain my sight
He was the first to capture my eye. He was kind,
I felt my heart swell,
staring into his eyes. He came to me,
and shook my hand
A smile upon his handsome features. "Who are you?" he asked.
I quietly responded,
telling him my name. He politely introduced himself,
and blush crept upon my cheeks. His smile broadened, his face alight with joy
I knew from then on, he was my One
My One and Only
My true love. Petals whipped around my body,
Petals of sweet smelling spring
He stood there staring, down at me.
I blushed, bowing my head to the ground Summer days,
at school,
when love once again was found.
I was lost in another memory. My scene shifted,
and I saw the bus
The bus that day,
when he kissed me. I brushed my hand across my lips
His sweet kiss. Soft like honey,
Yet strong as an ox
Again I knew
I loved him so much. Passionate,
His body portrayed All the answer I needed
Was in his sweet smile
I knew, he loved me too. But horrid fate should have it
It took my love away. Yet I do not doubt
That someday, somewhere
We shall meet again.
So as I stand, in the sweet summer hill
My One and Only Love

This is true, I gave you all a peek at my soul, and memories. Only a peek though, heh ^_^ Good Luck, to My One True Love!

Alone In A Dark World

A Life Of Sorrow Is Lived

And A Name Spoke Unto The Dying Air

~Shadow Kat~