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Song: "Cruel Angel's Thesis" from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion

Project Atlas

Opening Lyrics: Burden of the Young Soldier

Rise, young soldier;

A new day on the battlefield has dawned.

From the ashes of Earth,

Hope has survived;

But in shattered fragments.

Mentally and physically,

You battle valiantly,

But the Enemy does not relent!

The war drags on,

But you endure!

Fear and solitude were

Your sole companions,

But now you are not alone!

The world needs you,

And only you can hold up the burden

Of the wounded Earth

And falling sky!

You are Atlas,

And the fate of all is your burden!

Your companions can help,

But you alone must bear it!

If you shudder or shrug,

The end is near!

The Enemy has no mercy,

But you must not hesitate,

For all rests upon a razor's edge!

That crucial moment;

Is what it rests upon.

Do not run from the burden,

For it will still weigh down on you!

War, death, famine,

And plague, too;

Have ravaged the planet,

But you remain strong,

For humankind depends on you.

Legends tell of

Strongmen and Titans

From the mythical past,

But you surpass all!

The burden of the young soldier

Is not something you can escape,

For it waits for you

On the field of war!

Whenever you fight,

The young, the old,

The men, the women,

And the children

Look up at you.

Do not let them down!

The burden of the world

Is hard to bare sometimes,

But it must be done,

For all to survive!

You are a legend,

Of the past;

And in your own time,

As well.

The strength of the Gods

Flows through your veins,

But you are mortal, too.

Though mighty,

The Enemy is your mortal foe.

All of the bloodshed you must endure

Has transformed you.

The guns of the Enemy

Cannot takedown what

You will yourself to be.

So, young soldier,

Your objective is clear.

Amidst the chaos of battle,

Let your true form shine through!