Song: "Komm, Suessur Todd" from End of Evangelion

Notes: Here's an End of Evangelion inspired ending. The fates of the protagonists is Shakespeare inspired.

Project Atlas

Epilogue: Atlas Surrenders

In two different dimensions, formerly the home to the Anarchist Union and Shogunate, life was evolving rapidly soon after the removal of humanity from their worlds. The temperature dropped a bit, perhaps to show the cold indifference of nature to humanity.

* * *

In another dimension, in another age, Jeffrey Richard Stone existed. Upon having his wish granted, he was teleported to every battle in every age, and after he was done there, he was supposed to go to every dimension. He would not have any 'rest time' between battles, either. After one was done, he would appear in another one.

Stone could no longer transform, or even interact with others other than by killing or using his weapons. The gear he had changed with the battlefield. One battle, he might have a stone club and hide armor. Another battle, he might have a musket and wool clothing. Stone was never wounded, and could withstand any weapon, even nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks.

It was though someone had wished no harm would come to him. Stone was getting his wish. He was becoming the ultimate soldier through experience. However, it was also how he would spend eternity. Deep down, Stone knew there was no going back. For whatever reason, he felt as though his homeworld was gone. Stone did not care, for now, he had a forever war to fight. It was a war that could not be one or lost, but had to be fought.

* * *

Humanity's rule of the planet Earth was over. It was time for something new to reign over Earth. Paul and Aruna would end it. Paul knocked Aruna over the head, and dragged her to the nearby teleporter. He ignored the teleporter before, but now, it would be instrumental in fulfilling his task. He pushed the button for the Fuji temple, hoping it would still work. It did. Paul stepped off the teleportation platform and dragged an unconscious Aruna with him.

Paul reached the outside of the temple. Paul dragged Aruna's body along the narrow walkway to the rim of the crater. He looked down. There was still plenty of hot, boiling lava down there. He hung Aruna over the edge, holding her by her feet.

"See you in Hell, bitch," Paul said as he let go.

Aruna's body vanished beneath the molten rock, and a smirk crossed Paul's face. The world was his now. There was no one to hurt him. There was no one to use him. There was no one to make him feel sad. He was the last member of humanity, and he was fine with that.

Paul remembered his adopted "home" was nearby. Perhaps he should check on things there, such as finding supplies. Paul descended the volcano, and found several cars on a nearby roadway. The drivers were dead, and their bodies vanished into nothing, leaving a completely empty car. Even the keys were still in the ignition.

Paul climbed into the car, and headed "home." As he drove, he recognized an unnatural stillness. It seemed alien, without the hustle and bustle, but pleasing. Very pleasing. Once he reached the old house, he walked inside.

Then, Paul remembered something. He did not ask for Harry Austin and Ada Johnson to be spared. They were two people reaching out to Paul, trying to raise him, and he had forgotten to request they should survive. Paul began to feel guilt and anger at himself. He had gone too far.

As if the guilt was no bad enough, Paul thought he saw two crying figures sitting on a couch. They were crying. They were visions of Harry and Ada. The Ada phantom looked up, and cried, "Why, Paul, why did you want me dead?"

"It was a mistake!" Paul yelled to the guilt-induced hallucination, "I wanted to be happy for once! I had good intentions!"

The crying Harry Austin looked up. "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!" the illusion yelled, his voice a mix of sadness and anger.

That was it for Paul. The guilt overwhelmed him. The hallucinations vanished, but their message did not. Paul was to blame, and he knew it. He drove back to Mount Fuji. There was one thing that needed to be done.

Paul knew that his Goo addiction would kick in soon. He would have to take more, or end up as a vegetable for the remainder of his existence. Since he did not know where to get some, he knew he had to kill himself. He would rather die than become an eternal vegetable. However, the Goo retained its healing powers even while unconscious. He needed a surefire way to destroy his body, quickly and completely. He knew the way: Mount Fuji.

Paul hurried to the rim of the crater as fast as he could. Taking one last look at the sky, he saw the sun was setting.

And so the sun sets on my life, and humanity, but hopefully, it's the new dawn for a new species, Paul thought.

Those where his last thoughts as he fell backwards. As Paul fell, anger at himself kicked in. He turned to Atlas, one last time. Paul Freeman was trapped by his emotions, and by Atlas. Atlas would be how he faced death. The Titan hit the lava, and yelled an inhuman scream. Atlas soon vanished under the pool of molten rock. And so was the end of the last human on Earth.