Les Mizerables

( Told in Elizabeth's MacKaye POV )

Is this supposed to mean something ? I frown as I swear under my breath and gently touch my knee , hoping I didn't broke it . No , it doesen't hurt , just a few scratches.

It's the second time in one day since I try to hold on on this horse . My grandfather came with it from the hills , it was running alone and he catched it . So we keep him here with us until someone will make him obey and after that , he will be sent to the Duke's daughter , since she told us she wants a white horse. He ain't white , he's black , the blackest horse I've ever seen , if the princess doesen't want it , i'd be more than glad to keep him here, because he's strong , bold , and beautiful ! He doesen't want to listen to anyone's command and pushes everyone off his back , but I'll work on that....Grandpa told me he will help me sometime with him.

For now I'll try to rise and strech my bones . He threw me off him with such a fury I thought I broke every bone I had , but it seems like I'm okay . I have to run home now , and I'll let him run around the park until tomorrow morning when we'll try to find him a place where we can keep him without making any damage . He's wild.....

I run towards home . I pass near the gates of the castle and salute the guards and wish theme a silent night with no trouble. They salute me back after a few moments . They must of confused me with the Ironman's son again . Must be because my clothes are dirty and the light is dim. And because I look like a boy.

My name dear South wind that ruffles trough my short hair , is Elizabeth MacKaye and I will be 17 years old next winter . As you may have noticed from my accent , I am British . My mother is the Duke's wife's company lady , so I guess I can say I'm pretty lucky because we have more advantages than any servant around here , and The Duke's wife, Lady Chante ( she's french ) is a very nice woman and likes my mom a lot. As far as I go , I was almost chosen for the Duke's madman . I'm as wierd as they get . Since I was rised under not many rules , I became free -willed and sometimes outrageous . Some said I'm a man in a girl's body . Maybe I am , because I'm often confused with one .I haven't wore a dress in years , and dressing like a man makes you look to some rather outrageous, to others is funny , and other just don't care as long as I get the job done. Like the Duke's daughter , Diana , that sends me to get various stuff from town or do tasks for her , since my mother is Lady Chante's most trusted woman , Lady Diana trusts me too. I'm the good-for-everything man / girl around here . We know eachother form a long time ago , and we become very close, even tough , we don't show it when are many people around because for the daughter of a Duke it's not appropriate to have a servant as a best friend.

I pass on the dark alley and I walk to take my breath . I am not allowed to enter on the front doors , even if we do live in the castle, so I have to go around it , to the back door trough the kitchen . Witch reminds me I'm kind of hungry .

Suddenly I hear the soft sounds of a piano . I look up , and , trough a window I see the dim lights of the candles and , suddenly, I recognize the melody . It's Lady Diana's favorite , so she must be playing it . It's a melody written by a musician she once knew , he was about her father's age , her father's friend I guess, he teached her to play the piano . He wrote the melody for her only , and died of Tuberculosis one year later .

I hurry though the kitchen and in a minute I eat some bread and ....whatever Anita cooked in this bowl.....

I want to go to my room and get some rest , but , suddenly , as I feel ...that.....thing , hearing Lady Diana's song , I end up upstairs , and sit leaning on the door from the room in witch Diana sings in. Lady Diana I meant. I watch her as she gracefully moves the long , thick ,fingers on the claps , as she from time to time closes her eyes and lets herself in the rythm of the melody , without even looking at the music sheets.She knows theme by heart since many years ago.

She's graceful even when she closes her eyes. Has the longest black hair I have ever seen . Her mother never let anyone cut it , not even a bit . And now , even though the fashion tells that young ladies should wear their hair in curls or in some wierd hairstyle , she often keeps it free , nor tied with ribbons or curled, like so many young girls her age. Lady Diana is one year younger than me.

She suddenly stops and turns towards me.

" Did you liked it ? " She asks in her fragile voice.

" I'm sorry for staying here like this....." I say , blushing.

" It's okay , I knew you were there . It was nice of you for not interrupting me . So , did you liked it ? "

" Of course , I can hear it over and over again ."

" You don't have to say that only because I like it Elizabeth...."

" I'm not , I swear.... "

She laughs . She has a meodious laughter and a beautiful smile. We always have fun when we're all alone and together.

" I think I'll take your word for that. Come here ! " She says making me room on the piano chair.

" I don't think it would be right , we both might get in trouble for stying up late and me for...uh ...we'll just get in trouble."

" You for.....? Finish your sentance....." She says gesticulating with her hand.

" ...for me for being a servant and staying on the same place with you . The Duke made it all clear to me when I was little. "

" Oh...father.....don't mind him ! Besides , tonight nobody is home in case you haven't noticed. Both father and mother are at a ball many miles away and they will come back after a couple of days , Nanny is sleeping , and she doesen't hear a thing , and your mother is on the other side of the castle. As far as the servants go , they're either sleeping , either don't care. So , will you join me ? "

" Of course then. " I say " Join you for......? You know I cannot sing the piano ...."

" And you don't want to learn ? " She asks turning to me , showing me her beautiful brown eyes.

" Honestly...no......I'm sorry....."

" You have nothing to excuse for . No one should be forced to do one thing if they don't want to."

Sometimes I thought Diana was a grown up woman trapped in a 15 years old body.

" But , what would you want to learn ? "

" To be honest Milady , I'd like to learn how to keep the horse my grandfather took from the hills to obey my orders.... "

" You act like a man , Elizabeth ! Why would you want to do that so much instead of something else ? "

" It's wild Milady..... I apologize , but I think you cannot understand it.....to see that you hold the power over the beast , to feel the wind trough your hair as he is running with you on his back , knowing that you are in control.....it's magic...."

" You talk with so much passion......... it's nice to see I'm not the only one witch lurks for freedom....." She said. And she sighs so hard , it breaks my heart.

" What's wrong Milady ? " I ask , and try not to put my hand on her shoulder , even tough , my hands need so much to feel her gentle skin.

" Promise me that what I will tell you , your moth will not let out to anyone , ever."

" I swear , Milady. What's wrong ? "

She sighs once again , rises from the chair and heads for the window. Looks outside and I can see she's trying hard to find her words. She never let me hold many of her secrets , even tough we are friends for many years , 6 to be exact. What does she want to tell me ?

" ....Sometimes it feels like a cage Elizabeth....... being me ...being here.... I know many girls would like to be in my place , to have many beautiful things , but ...... I need the freedom so much . And sometimes I admit that I watch you in my daily walks trough the park , how you ride the horses . I saw you many ,many times as you were mad , took a horse and ran up , up on the hills , with all speed ahead. You are more free than I'll ever be , sweet Elizabeth , you can take the horses and run , run whenever you wish to.....I'm not allowed to do that......."

I am stunned . What is with this heartfelt confession all of the sudden ? She turns her face towards me.

"I'm gonna get married soon Elizabeth , with a man I never heard of , never seen his face......I didn't even had the chance to be free for once."

" NO! " I find myself screaming , but I cover my mouth.

" Elizabeth.... dear lord , why did you scream this way ? What's wrong ? "

I made a terrible mistake, how am I supposed to work it out now ?

" I......I apologize Milady.......but.......it feels so..I don't know.....you have to experience the freedom at least for once before getting married. But......why ? Why do you have to get married so young Milady ? Why ? It doesen't make sense !"

" I see you love freedom a lot , Elizabeth....." She laughs " Why ? Because the man is very rich.... and my father wants more money to invest in a bussiness he has.......I'm the only way he can get theme."

" And you're going to accept it ? Just like that ! No way !"

"Way.....I fought back Elizabeth , but.....I had no escape.......even my mother told me I have to take it. She later confessed me that she married dad the same way too."

I kept silent. I never liked arranged marriages , never will. But it was not fair !!

" Milady, I...... I am so sorry........... when are you going to get married ?"

" Next summer ,in France. I'll also live there . "

" Going away forever ?"

" Not forever dear Elizabeth ! How could I ever live without you ? " She replies smiling to me.Don't say those words......

" Milady....."

" Elizabeth.....make me a promise !"

" Wha-...sure.what is it ? "

" Don't EVER call me 'Milady' when we're alone . I hate it !"

"Oh....of course ! " I smile " D-Diana ? " Her name is honey on my lips. I was never allowed to tell her by the name , well......only in my mind maybe.

" Well.......anyway , after the carnival dad will put here I'll be sent off to France to await my future husband......one last chance to have fun ! "

" Mi....Diana........I'm so sorry....."

" Don't be , I'm not. Who knows , maybe he's a beautiful prince !" She said dancing across the room." Hahaha........oh well ........go to sleep Elizabeth , you're tired and tomorrow you have another hard day. Good Night......"

She whispers to me while going away , on the stairs with a candle in her hands.

I stay here alone , on the cahir next to the piano , the whole room is lighted only by some candles. All alone. Have you noticed ? Is it that obvious ? I'm in love with Diana . I know it's wrong , it tortured my soul ever since I realized it . So wrong , so wrong.......but I can't deny it , unfotunately......Oh dear Lord , make me a man ! Make me a prince !

And now she's leaving . So far away from me . She's leaving after the Carnival is over , and that is in six months.....I feel so sick and alone........Am I supposed to do what ? Do a spell and make me a man ? Suddenly it doesen't sound like such a bad idea......

Whatever idea might come , it better come in six months .


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