A/N: The story was inspired by Bonnie Pink's song " Pendulum".



The clock echoed in her head for so long it wasn't even annoying anymore. She rose from the bed and went to the window. Somewhere far and beyond her eyes sight , the city's night life was pumping. Her room was close to pitch black and in the big window's light her wierd silhouette , dressed in large pants and short T-Shirt seemed it didn't belonged there.

Somwhere in the room , a couple of bright green lights were blinking and a dim sound of a rythmed Blues was heard , with the slow drum beats and the soft voice of a young woman. She started to dance slowly trough the room , with her eyes closed, hands in the air, her hips following the drum beats .


He put his ear closer to the wall and listened.Last night it was Heavy Metal or Spped Metal...whatever, and tonight it's Blues. He thought she could belong in India since it was a country of contrasts, and she was a contrast herself.

He turned and looked at the clock . It was 2 in the morning. It seemed like it ran in the family, they were insomniacs in almost the same nights . It was amazing how much they resembeled.Well in habits and preferences, because in looks they were slightly different.

Next to him , on his desk laid a small notebook. He turned the light above his head on and took it. On the black cover it said : "...And so it Begins...." and a smiley yellow face with it's tongue out was next to the writing. He opened it. On the pages rested many photos of him and his friends and family with funny anectodes and stickers all over the place. It was his 18th birthday that day and this was her present for him.He had to admit she was a good photographer, all the photos were made by her .Yet she didn't appeared in any of the photos.

The music stopped in the next room. He listened carefully. No other sound was heard. In their parent's bedroom it was silence since ten when they finally finished .... he considered their step mother was a total slut. She agreed. Silence. He turned the light off and put the notebook back on the desk.

On the hallway only the pendulum could be heard.