A soldier lies in the battlefield
All alone, for others are dead
His arm severed
His body shot
He lies there, waiting for death. Cold sweeps about him
Memories strive
He lies among the others
In a pool of his blood. Still he lies there
Waiting for death
To take his pain away. This soldier
This man
Did his country proud
He should get a medal
If he lives. His blood dries
His last hours near
Memories of home
A house
Sweep into his mind. He remembers the last letter he sent
With the knowledge he might die. Deep down
He knows
They miss him. His pain intensifies
Tenfold. His body
Enveloped in pain. Hunger, fatigue
All wrap around him. He draws his last breath
And can breathe no more
An eerie blackness takes over his sight.
Finally he drifts
Floating up. He sees his misshapen body
Lying among the rest. His dream, his death
His blood. Silently he floats
To heaven.

rote this when the Iraqi wars first started, did a bit of editing, vuwalah! The final product.

Alone In A Dark World

A Life Of Sorrow Is Lived

And A Name Spoken Unto The Dying Air

~Shadow Kat~