Closed Eyes

I shut my eyes and see you there
The memories that I still bare
I open them but you're gone
Yet the suffering lingers on
With hate, anger, strife and pain
Knowing I can never be whole again
Wounds that will never fully heal
Robbed of the ability to love and feel
The hurt runs deeper than you could know
So on my arms and wrists I show
The agony of being alone
But nothing touches your heart of stone
Just emptiness lies ahead
The sun has failed, all hope is dead
For all you ever said was lies
Those three little words I now despise
How innocent they sound, I love you
But the power in them you certainly knew
How they can twist the cleverest of minds
So unto you themselves will bind
I devoted my soul to you from the start
Which you then used and tore apart
But as I lie here alone
It is my heart that turns to stone
There is nothing more that lies ahead
For like my hope my soul dead