Internal Storm
Dark Swirling clouds
Cover all light and hope
Releasing their icy tears
Which fall and mingle with my own.
Wind Roars like a wild beast
Touching my hand, heart and bone
Yet it's freezing daggers are not enough
To ease the bitterness I feel inside.
Anger, hate boil and bubble
More turbulent than the sea below.
Waves crash on faceless cliffs
Droplets spray up stinging my cheeks.
A Spark of lightning
Blinding in the murky night
Thunder rumbles
Louder and louder
Desperately clinging to the air
As I break free from the last chains of hope.
The sound fades in my ears
As swiftly the ground falls away
And the angry water charges forwards
Embracing the peaceful silent depths
Quenching the fire of my internal storm.