Power Of Dreams

The city I hide in,
My world of dreams
Swirling and engulfing
All the evil I see.
Blocks out the nightmares
The sun's rising brings
And screams in the dark
When I'm all alone.
For in my world you're always there
Smiling and laughing
And holding me tight.
Fighting away my childish fears,
Calming me down
Wiping my tears.
Yet that's all you are
A phantom of my mind
No body of your own
Just this home in my heart
But does it matter?
Our love is as strong as could be
And true love, they say,
Conquers all.
So together we'll stay
Never seeing just believing
We'll make it through the torment of life.
For I know that somewhere
You sit on your own
And think of me as you hide from the shadows
That plague you like a threatening storm.
Together we fade to our secret retreat
Hold each other so tight
Like we'll never let go
Till we're pulled away
From our last bond of hope
And plunged back to the dark
From which we cry for release
But still we'll escape to each other's arms
In our never-ending cycle of desperate devotion
Till deaths sweet touch caresses our souls
And in heaven we'll reside
Forever as one.
Written 23rd June 2003 in a very boring Physics lesson and a bit at lunch,
on bus, at home etc.